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At The Master’s Feet (Slow-Tempo)

Lyrics and Music © Tim Lovell. All Rights Reserved.

   At The Master’s Feet   (Luke 10:38)


Martha was troubled   she had so much to do

Jesus stopped to visit   as he was passing through

She wanted Mary’s help     as the Lord shared good news

Oh if only Martha   knew what Mary knew


There’s empty seat

At the masters feet

A place to hear his voice

And in his presents rejoice

You’ll find cares fade away

When you hear him and obey

Nothing is so sweet

Then being at the Master’s feet


 Sometimes we all struggle        with so much to do

 We live in a hurry   the hours seem too few

But if we’ll slow down     and listen to him speak

We’ll find rest and comfort       at the Master’s feet



Words and Music By Timothy W. Lovell

Copyright Secured, All Rights Reserved

Judah’s Pride Publishing

Nov 4, 2018 | Southern Gospel