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Jesus Is True North (Slow-Tempo)

Lyrics and Music © Tim Lovell. All Rights Reserved.


Jesus Is True North


I’m sailing on the sea of Life

In a vessel made of clay

Many days on calm waters

Some nights in angry waves

A journey of a lifetime

Though dangerous straits

Without someone to guide you

A ship can go astray


Jesus is true north

For the weary soul

A point that never changes

No matter how storms blow

He’s always there to guide you

From any distant port

And brings you safe to harbor

Yes Jesus is true North


In an ever-changing world

He’s a compass for the soul

To give your life direction

No matter where you go

He’ll comfort and guide you

You’ll never be alone

For any soul that is lost

He can bring you home



Words and Music By Timothy W. Lovell

Copyright Secured, All Rights Reserved

Judah’s Pride Publishing

Nov 4, 2018 | Southern Gospel