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God’s Got This (Mid-Tempo)

Lyrics and Music © Tim Lovell. All Rights Reserved.

As I walk through this valley

As black as the night

I know that you are with me

But at times I lose my will to fight

Lord I know that this trial

Will work, will work for my good

Sometimes I don’t understand it

The way, the way that I should


But I know God’s got this

No doubt about it My faith is renewed

I know God’s got this

No sense to worry

No need to fear

No use to panic

My God’s always near

I know God’s got this

For every valley you brought me through

Or every stone that bruised my heel

For every heartache, tears of sorrow

Your grace was revealed

Lord I know you walk with me

So I’ll shout, I’ll shout victory

Till I stand on the mountain

No matter the difficulty


Words and Music by Timothy W. Lovell

Copyright Secured, All Rights Reserved

May 16, 2019 | Contemporary& Progressive Southern Gospel