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A Better Man (Easter) (Slow-Tempo)

A Faithful Crossing (Mid-Tempo)

A Star Breathing God (Slow-Tempo)

Above The Storms (Slow Tempo)

All That Counts (mid-tempo)

Amazing (Mid Tempo)

Arms Of The Shepherd (Pastor appreciation) (Slow-Tempo)

At The Master’s Feet (Slow-Tempo)

Born To Rise (Fast Tempo)

Burning Candles (Slow Tempo)

Calab’s Call (Mid-Tempo)

Can They See Jesus ( Slow- Tempo)

Coming Out Of Egypt (Up-Tempo)

Destine To Fly (up-tempo)

Drifting Away (Slow Tempo)

Eyes Of The Child (Christmas) Slow Tempo

Faith (Up-Tempo)

Faith Is All You Need (Mid-Tempo)

Fire In The Rock (Up-Tempo)

Fireflies (Slow Tempo)

Garden Of Stones ( Patriotic, Memorial Day) (Slow Tempo)

Glimpses Of Glory (Up-Tempo)

Growing In The Valley (Fast Tempo)

He Became What I Am (Slow-Tempo)

He’ll Wipe Away The Tears (Slow tempo)

Heaven’s Bridge (Mid-Tempo)

I Know Somebody (slow tempo)

In Reality (Mid-Tempo)

Inheritance Of Gold (Up Tempo)

Jesus Is True North (Slow-Tempo)

Jesus Take The Helm (Up-Tempo)

Less Traveled Road (Slow-Tempo)

Lions Of Babylon (Up-Tempo)

Little Things (Female Vocal) Slow Tempo

Little Things (Male Vocals) Slow Tempo

Lord We Wait (Up-Tempo)

Pearl Of Great Price (Slow-Tempo)

Petals On The Rose (Slow-Tempo)

Psalms 19 (Up-Tempo)

Robe Of Righteousness (Slow Tempo)

Romans 8 (If God Be For Us) Up Tempo

Saved (Up-Tempo)

Send Down The Rain (Mid Tempo)

Sittin In A Church (Up-Tempo)

Some Glorious Day (Funeral Song) (Slow Tempo)

Song Of My Heart (Slow-Tempo)

Still Power In The Blood (Mid-Tempo)

The Lion Roars ( Uptempo)

The Sweetest Sound (Slow-Tempo)

There Was Love (Slow Tempo)