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The Lion Roars ( Uptempo)

Lyrics and Music © Tim Lovell. All Rights Reserved.

The Lion’s Roar

The first time Jesus came

He came so mild and meek

He came as a shepherd

Seeking out his sheep

He came as a servant

Offering us his peace

The next time he comes

You’ll see the King of Kings



A lion’s gonna roar

And all the world will hear

The age of grace is over

And hell will shake with fear

A lion’s gonna roar

And time will be no more

 it’ll be too late  for mercy

When you hear the lion roar


This world is just a jungle

It’s each one for their own

It’s growing worse everyday

But there’s a king still on the throne

There’s a lion soon coming

That’s been here before

The world may not believe it

But they will when the lion roars



It may be unpopular

to talk about these things

but it’s just as much the Bible

As John 3:16



Words and Music by Timothy W. Lovell

Copyright Secured, All Rights Reserved

Judahs Pride Publishing



Apr 21, 2020 | Contemporary& Progressive Southern Gospel, Southern Gospel