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Heartbeat For Peace (Slow-Tempo)

Lyrics and Music © Tim Lovell. All Rights Reserved.



You can hear it in the wind

And feel it on the breeze

We’ve got to change people

All this fighting must cease

We’re all the sons and daughters

Of the human race

So much we can agree on

Things we can embrace


We all ride the same planet

Traveling round the sun

All race, creeds and colors

We’re all the same in one

Our hearts all beat in rhythm

And our blood is all cerise

We have so much in common

Let our hearts beat for peace


 Shout if from the mountains

State it loud and clear

For everything you love

For all that you hold dear

Make the world a better place

For the children of the land

For all of humanity

Let’s make peace our plan



Words and Music By Timothy W. Lovell

Copyright Secured, All Rights Reserved

Judah’s Pride Publishing

Nov 4, 2018 | Country Gospel